Spaghetti Monsters

My kids don’t eat anything.  Thea will eat a few more things than Leila, but the things that she will eat tend to be less healthy options then those that Leila will accept, so really it is equally frustrating with both girls.

My pilates instructor told us about a fun food item she was making for dinner one night (hot dogs with spaghetti noodles cooked into them) and I decided to take it a step further in the hopes that my children would eat spaghetti. I used store bought meat balls, and it was really easy to create the spaghetti monster effect.  I would call the over all experience  a partial success.  Leila ate some, but still would not allow any sauce to touch her plate.  Thea didn’t really eat it.  I guess she isn’t quite old enough for the gimmick to work on her.

I have been feeling creative lately…my latest accomplishment is a pair of matching pillowcase dresses for the girls.  Pictures to come!

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1 Response to Spaghetti Monsters

  1. jessica says:

    this is cute! harley is a picky eater too…very frustrating!

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