The other morning I went in to Leila’s room to attempt to wake her up.  She is a sleepy head like her mama so this isn’t an easy task.  Most days we coax the girls into action by challenging them to be the first one up, the first one dressed, the first one in shoes, the first to have their hair done and finally, the first one  in the car.  It does pay off to have competitive children, even if it means that they will refuse to compete when they don’t think they can win. (I have NO idea where that comes from! ;))

On this particular morning even the promise of winning first to the car wasn’t enough to get Leila moving.  I sat down next to her in her bed and I started running my fingers up and down her side.  I had nearly forgotten this trick from Leila’s younger days, but Leila loves goosebumps.  It did the trick, she woke up and told me that Grandma used to give her goosebumps all the time.  She is better at it because she has long nails.

That’s ok with me, Grandma is better at lots of things.  Leila quickly followed that observation up with the fact that Grandma could probably use those long nails to pry open the compartment that Leila can’t quite get into in the back of our car.  It’s funny to me that that had occurred to her, but I guess she is resourceful.

This evening I went in to check on Leila like she always asks us to do while she waits for sleep to take over.  She asked me for some goosebumps so I laid down next to her and went to work, first her legs, then her arms, her back, belly and sides.  Someday she won’t want me to touch her at all, but for now, I am good for bedtime goosebumps.

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