I have been brewing this idea for some time.  I found it on a blog link that was pinned on pinterest.  The concept didn’t work perfectly, but well enough to contribute an evening of fun to the Coobs family!

The homemade bubble solution includes a secret ingredient…well, not secret anymore.  It’s KY personal lubricant.  I didn’t buy it at Hy Vee just in case someone were to tell my brother that I was buying lube. But now all of you know.  Its for the bubbles!

Leila practicing her technique.  It was actually more difficult then I expected and Leila is pretty easily frustrated when things don’t come easy to her, but she hung in there and had a good time with it!

Then she got to learn another trick…how to use Mommy’s camera.

For all of the details on this fun, inexpensive project, check out this blog post!

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