I have some catching up to do to get us to this point, but I am going to jump right in with Leila’s first day of school anyway.

I have a thing about the first day of school.  It makes me so anxious I can barely stand it.  That is one trait that, at least so far, Leila hasn’t picked up from me.  Her first day of school started with a misplaced backpack, which didn’t faze her at all.  We walked over to the school and located it.  At that point Leila would have been just fine with us leaving her with Cassie at the Before and After School Program (BASP) but she will be doing that every other day, and I planned for this, and I was not going to miss her first trip into Mrs. Halverson’s classroom!

So to satisfy my own need I put her confidence aside and followed her around like the paparazzi.  To her credit, she wasn’t embarrassed.  I guess that means she isn’t totally grown up yet, right?

I know that somewhere in my parents house is a picture of chubby little frizzy headed girl in a teal dress and pink backpack who was equally excited for the first day of kindergarten.

No new dress or backpack, but Leila wanted a turn with the camera, and I felt that I owed her that after the photo shoot I put her through.  I actually like this picture of myself…I especially like knowing that I have that face on because I am looking at my sweet big girl on her special day.

Just in case she forgot about me, now that she has moved into the big world of elementary school, I also added a note to her lunch box.   I think she had a great day, and has had two more great days since that day.  She loves school, and Cassie tells me she is well-behaved and a good listener! I am glad that she is exhibiting those traits somewhere.

And a small brag, because this is my blog and no one can stop me…when I walked down the hallway by her classroom this afternoon after pick up I noted that each child had their picture and a drawing that they had made under it, hanging on the wall.  All of the children also had block letters written by the teachers describing what their pictures were of, except for Leila.  Who wrote her description herself.

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1 Response to Kindergarten

  1. Bicket says:

    Good for Leila writing it all by herself! She has a smart mommy!

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