Clay and Rebekah

My baby brother got married this weekend.  I have to say, it was a bit unreal to see him standing at the alter waiting for his bride.  I remember him like yesterday, with his wild curly mullet. He would be running around causing trouble, climbing grain bins, skinny dipping in mud puddles, plugging his nose with his upper lip and making that super weird noise that no one else seems able to imitate.

Follow that up with watching Sam, Clay’s best man, who four months ago we thought would not survive, walk up the aisle and I was a mess before the bride even made her entrance.  Bekah was beautiful, no surprise there.  One of the things that l love about her is that she is so natural and she looked just that, natural and beautiful.

My photos are a little fuzzy.  I hate flash, not that it would have worked in this situation anyway, but maybe by the next family wedding I will know how to use my camera.

The ceremony was very nice, not too long, not too short.  The music was perfect, I especially liked that In This Very Room was included.  That is a favorite of mine.

The reception was also beautiful, and a testament to Clay and Bekah’s relaxed attitude, that you don’t have to sweat all of the little details to have a perfect wedding day!

Loved it all, a wonderful weekend.  Priceless.  Of course I could go on about my new sister, but really, she has been one of us for so long and this wedding was a bit of a technicality. Mabel may have moved things along a little quicker than they expected, but this was meant to be, and I couldn’t be happier for all of us for the wonderful addition to our family.

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    • tricialc says:

      I am still planning to keep writing, I just regretted telling everyone about it as soon as I put it out there. I don’t ever get time to work on it and I don’t want more pressure than I am already putting on myself. You will be one of my first guinea pig readers though!

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