Thankful for my beautiful home

After living in temporary housing for six months last year, I grew a very clear appreciation for my attached garage and fenced yard.  Without those luxuries that I had always taken for granted I found myself sprinting through the rain holding kids and packages to get indoors during the summer rain showers.  Without a fenced back yard we were on the hook to walk the dog a couple of times a day, which in itself isn’t a big deal, but dragging two kids out of the building first thing in the morning to walk the dog while Cory was out of town and I couldn’t be sure that my kids wouldn’t burn the place down while I strolled around the block, it became a big deal.

Now that we have a working washing machine again after nearly a month of dragging our laundry to family member homes or worse yet–the laundry mat, I have a new appreciation for that luxury as well.

I get to live in a beautiful home that we picked out on paper and watched being built.  That is an amazing blessing.

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