Thankful for my Momma

The older I get, the more I appreciate my mother.  She really is an amazing woman.  She worked, went to school and ran a house overflowing with 5 children while my Dad traveled during my elementary school years.

Being a mother is a thankless job, I certainly know that now, but now that I am older I really hope that my mom knows how much I have appreciated everything she has done for me.  From the countless french braids and pony tails, the way that she would always get me a new coloring book and box of crayons when I am was sick at home.  The singing and Dancing though our evenings of dish washing and laundry folding.  My Dad taught me a lot of responsibility and good judgement (I like to think anyway :), but my mom taught me how to let go.  How to have fun, and how to make the most out of what you are given.

I am so blessed to have them both and to have the example of their love for each other through the good times and the rough times to help me be the best wife and mother that I can be.

Love you Mom, Happy Birthday Beautiful lady!

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1 Response to Thankful for my Momma

  1. Lori Howard says:

    Thank you Tricy, you know the best gift I have ever received has been the gift of being a mother. I love you all so much and am so proud of the people you have become.

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