Catching up on my thankfulness

Every day as I go about my regularly scheduled activities I find myself thinking, “Oh! That is something that I can post about being thankful for!”  But then the day gets away from me, and off I go to sleep without a post.  Today is catch up day, because I truly have been thankful the last five days…I just haven’t been free to blog.

Thankful for my memory.  I am blessed with a pretty amazing memory.  I can remember the details of my bedroom in the farm house I grew up in.  I can remember the way my elementary school smelled, and the way the yellow tornado slide would attack me with static electricity as I slid down it at recess every day.

Music. My cousin Zachary posted on his Facebook page about listening to the Judd’s and the way it made his mother jump into his mind.  I love that feeling.  The jolt of an unexpected memory when a familiar tune comes on the radio.  The Judd’s does it for me too.  I remember standing in the passenger seat of my mom’s blue Oldsmobile on the way home from Shenandoah when I was too young to be in school and I had Mom to myself.  I remember how funny my mom thought it was when I would belt out the words to “Have Mercy.”  I still love to listen to that song, and I couldn’t even name all of the songs that make me think of my Mother dancing around the house.  I am also thankful that I get to keep making memories with my Mom, and I wish my cousin Zachary had fresh memories of Aunt Kerri too.

Our Neighbors.  We love our new house for lots of reasons, but I have to say that living next to fun people that you want to see when you venture out to get the mail is a really nice thing.  It is the luck of the draw and you never know who you will end up next too, but we are lucky so far.  And if you want to be lucky too, there is an empty lot for sale on our other side! 😉

Pilates.  I don’t really like exercise.  I tolerate it for the good feeling that I have after I have completed my work out.  Pilates is the exception.  I love it. It is relaxing, but slimming all at the same time.  Over the past year I have lost 20 lbs and have considerably less of me spilling over the sides of my jeans and the only thing I have kept to consistently over that time is Pilates.  I do it for my sanity, for my relaxation and for my “me time.”  The benefit to my body is just a bonus!

Diet Dr. Pepper.  So far I have been avoiding the most obvious answer of all.  I live on the stuff. It is my vise, it is my lifeblood. If not for the Diet Dr. P I would be even less approachable.  So you should be thankful for it as well.

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1 Response to Catching up on my thankfulness

  1. Lynn says:

    The Judds’ music does it for me too! It is my go to music to turn up loud when I’m cleaning because it makes me sing and dance and makes my chores not so difficult. I used to whisk Ty up into my arms and dance him around my room when I was cleaning and he would just have the biggest grin and widest eyes. 🙂

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