Things I have not done in the last two weeks:

1.  Had a lunch date with my husband, who is no longer my co-worker. In fairness, he is just up the road so lunch dates aren’t gone forever!

2. Taken a picture.  I even got an awesome new lens for Christmas, and I haven’t used it.  I haven’t even taken any pictures with my phone except to send a quick shot of the girls to Cory while he was out of town.

3. Written anything.  I love to look back at old blog posts and feel a sense of pride about the way that I was able to talk about my life in fitting and witty metaphors.  Those posts are unfortunately few and far between and I really hate falling into the trap of writing crap just to have written something.  Kind of like I am doing here tonight.

4.  Relaxed.  If you know me, you probably know that I live my life in a constant state of anxiety.  I roam somewhere between level 3 and 10 on any given day.  The last couple of weeks have pulled through with at least a 7 every day. Telling me not to worry is really a waste of time.  If I wasn’t worrying about something, my mind wouldn’t have the first idea of what to do with itself.  So I worry.  About the weather.  About getting sick. About being late. About screwing up and disappointing someone at the new job.  About alienating co-workers before I have the chance to make them like me.  About missing work. About whether or not I made the right decision to move on.  About Leila’s behavior. About how I look.  About what I weight.  I could go on.

But I will try not to.

About Money.  Ok, I will really stop now.  For now.


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1 Response to Worry

  1. BeccaV says:

    Ugh, I feel the same way! I started a new job at the beginning of January after working at the same company as my husband for the past 5 years!
    I can deal with the work anxiety, it’s everything else that makes me loose it.

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