Thea Dalene

You would probably expect this to be about her birthday, which was last week. You would be wrong. But that just means that there is a second Thea post to come in the fairly near future.
Instead this is about Thea the night owl. This child refuses to go to bed at night butat least she keeps us laughing!

Two nights ago when Thea had snuck out of her room after bed time and found that her daddy had not gone to bed either
and she asked him, “what are you doing out of your bed, you sneaky snook!” (Straight out of Jake and the Neverland Pirates).
Last night when I told Thea, an hour after bedtime that if she didn’t stay in her bed at night she wouldn’t get to watch cartoons after school…her response to me? “Worry about yourself Mommy!” It is hard not to laugh at her…she is such a character!

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1 Response to Thea Dalene

  1. Colleen says:

    I worry about that with Annaliese; she talks for an hour, sometimes two, after we put her down. I’m sure when she gets a big girl bed she’ll be out of her room, too. Such an opposite from Ian. Strange to think they’re related…

    PS- we’re big fans of Jake, too!

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