Its a 10k, not a marathon

I was all set to sign up for the race for the schools 10K coming up on October 14th…what a great way to wind down my 31st year.  I decided this weekend that I had to run it on my own before I signed up, to give me the confidence to know I could finish. Sunday after church I grabbed a quick snack and took off.  The first mile felt great, though the weather was confusing…I wasn’t sure if I should be bundling up, or sweating buckets.  About the time that I hit mile three I was starting to have my doubts.  By mile 5ish I knew that this would be my last 6.2 for a while.  

I love to run.  When I finally gave up and decided to walk it in the rest of the route my feet were killing me.  My knees were hurting.  My knees never hurt when I run.  I survived and I celebrated with a turtle sundae from Whitey’s.  Naughty I know.  But the pain wasn’t worth the distance.  For now, I am a 5K girl, and I will get myself under 30 minutes if it takes me another year.  I may work my up to 10k again, but right now I am still 25 lbs over weight and my knees are too important to me to destroy.  I want to keep running, even if I can’t cover the distance that I strive for. 

So here is my fall itinerary:

October 6 – Color Run in Des Moines with my best Sistas Andrea, Cassie, Bekah and Dani

October 13 – IDT 5K with my big girl Leila – running/walking at her pace…I am excited for her to do her first 5K!

October 14- Run for the schools in Iowa City

November 17 – Girls on the Run of Johnson County…I will get paired up with a 3rd to 6th grader who completes the 10 week running program and run with her (I guess?)  I don’t know anything about the program really but it looks cool. Hopefully the little girl can’t outrun me! 🙂

Happy Running! 🙂

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1 Response to Its a 10k, not a marathon

  1. BeccaV says:

    Good for you! It looks like you are going to be busy with races!
    I hate running, my husband on the other hand just ran his 7th marathon this year.
    He is insane.

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