I got a

n email notification this week that my domain registration was abiut to expire. I don’t spend a lot of money to keep my home on the web, but I haven’t made the payment just yet. This year hasn’t netted me many new blog entries and I am not convinced that that trend will end.
The older my girls get the more protective I become of their privacy. The everyday stuff is all on Facebook and I don’t think that my own struggles are all that interesting. Who wants to read about my constant struggles to love myself while I hate myself everytime I eat something “off program” or stop to walk when I should be pushing through a workout. Winter blues are here in full force, I have an underground zit by my nose and a headache.

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1 Response to Expired.

  1. Melissa says:

    I wish you’d keep blogging Tricia. I like to hear about it!

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