Every day

Every day I wake up way too early.  4:45 AM. I follow up the early wake up call with an intense hour long work out that leaves me aching all day long. Everyday I get a little bit closer to my health and fitness goals.  Lately, I follow up that intense morning routine with some binge eating and a poor attitude so don’t expect to see me in a bikini anytime soon. Or ever.

Also nearly everyday I think, “I should really get back into blogging.”  Earlier this week I was reading over some old blog posts and I really enjoyed them.  I hate that I am no longer building onto that body of my life’s work, the history of my family.

I don’t know if it is getting up before the sun, the kids tee ball and Cory’s golf in the evening or pure laziness on my part, but I just don’t have it in me today.  As I tell Leila every day when the first of the bad attitude begins and the consequences are looming, every moment is a new one, and we can turn it around.  I will work on turning this around, but for now, I am wondering if 6:45 is too early to send the girls to bed?

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2 Responses to Every day

  1. Colleen says:

    We’ve done a 7:00 bedtime a few nights this summer…

    I, for one, love it when you blog, because for some reason, you have this uncanny knack for knowing the thoughts in my head, but put them into words so much better than I could. 4:45 am- really? I’ve been going to the gym three days a week this summer- which is new for me. Trying to figure out how I’ll continue once work starts up again and I think- can I really get up at 6 to do this? If you can get up at 4:45, I’ll stop complaining about 6 and hopefully start doing it.

  2. Jessica says:

    first off, 4:45am workouts are something to be damn proud of! Congrats 🙂 and second, i feel the same way about my blog. i feel so guilty when i think about all the posts i’ve missed writing about. like it stresses me WAY out…i do love reading your posts though!!

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