April 26th

Today was one of my favorite days of the year.  I know it wasn’t April 25th – when the weather is not too hot, not too cold (:) Miss Congeniality reference) but it was pretty special.  Every year I trudge through winter dreaming of the warm sunshine.  Strangely enough, this winter wasn’t all that bad, as far as winters go.  Not only was it not that terribly cold and snowy, but I had a March beach vacation to look forward to.  I should have known that the combo was too good to be true and there was a global pandemic on the rise.  But alas, even in a year of mild weather and early season vacations I appreciated so much one of the first weekend days of the year when I could wear shorts and a tank top outside, get some exercise, complete some yard work projects and sit in the sun with a book, all in the same 24 hour time period.  When things are weird, like they are these days, grasp on to the best parts.  Today was one of the best parts.

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