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>Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep…

> I couldn’t help myself from coaxing Leila into a cutesy coordinating outfit with her little sister. Luckily, she was pretty excited about the idea of being Little Bo Peep…likely because she had just gone to see the Toy Story … Continue reading

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>Self Talk

> Leila started out the night with no interest in going up to a strangers door and asking for candy. My Dad and I followed behind while Cory and Andrea led the kids up to the first driveway. I assured … Continue reading

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>Leila. Leila, Leila, Leila. The girl is seriously spooked about something, and I can’t figure out where it came from. We are starting week 4 of serious crying and carrying on at bed time. She refuses to sleep in her … Continue reading

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>A Success at Trying

>Let me first preface this post by warning you that this is not a story of success. Not in the Hollywood sense of the word. There are a several things that I won’t do. They can pretty much be summed … Continue reading

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>Dinner Wars

>Leila is a picky eater. If I am being totally honest, she comes by it naturally. Last night as I listened to her cry and whine like I had taken her birthday away at the prospect of having to eat … Continue reading

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>Some days, most days lately, I look at my daughters and I just want to drink in their youth; their carefree little spirits, their beautiful sweet soft skin, fluffy cheeks and uninhibited joy. Children are amazing, and their perspective is … Continue reading

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>Happy Daddy’s day! As a woman who grew up with an awesome dad, and pats herself on the back all the time for choosing such an awesome dad to make a family with, I love fathers day! Here is a … Continue reading

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>Most of the time I am not a fun mom. Its ok, I can admit it. I yell at my big kid a lot. Not because I like to yell, but because for some reason my normal speaking voice is … Continue reading

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>Fun in the sun!

> I am loving the new camera, but I am also incredibly frustrated by it. I want to take great pictures. I have no aspirations of being a professional photographer, but I want to be able to take pictures I … Continue reading

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>This weekend we fulfilled our birthday promise to Leila and we took her bowling, along with lots of our friends. In our bowling group was 8 adults 7 children and 2 fetuses, and we all had a blast. I wish … Continue reading

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