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Evening Reading

We have been reading chapter books to Leila at night for a while now. ¬†After suffering through eighteen books worth of Junie B. Jones and her bad grammar, I am finally getting to relive my own childhood favorites through Beverly … Continue reading

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That’s Me!

In the grocery store tonight the girls and I were hanging out in the toilet paper aisle waiting for Cory to pick out beer from the cooler. ¬†Leila points to a toilet paper package with two happy bears playing outside … Continue reading

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>Dear Leila

>It seems like every day you amaze me in a new way. I remember when you were a tiny baby in my arms and watching your little brown eyes exploring the world around you would set my mind wondering what … Continue reading

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> Three weeks ago was the last time we nursed…she is finally weaned! And she is beautiful!

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>Most of the time I am not a fun mom. Its ok, I can admit it. I yell at my big kid a lot. Not because I like to yell, but because for some reason my normal speaking voice is … Continue reading

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>Have you ever read a book that resonated so closely with your own experience that you are simultaneously enthralled by the beautiful way that *your* experience was presented to you in prose while also feeling a nagging sense of failure … Continue reading

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>Tonight I was rocking baby Thea in a failed attempt to get her to sleep. Over the course of her lifetime, the bedtime routine has been fairly consistent. I will nurse her, and sometimes that is enough to send her … Continue reading

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