>Another weekend almost gone

>Leila has had a pretty good weekend I think. On Saturday she got to spend some time hanging out with Daddy and Uncle Steve while Andrea and I went to her dress fitting. Saturday night we had a neighborhood block party to attend. Lots of our neighbors were there and we finally got to see all of the spring babies together. Aside from Leila there were two other baby girls and two baby boys all born in April and May this year. It is really neat to see the other babies and think about how next summer they can all be playing together at the party. We were hoping to get a picture, but there was so much going on, it was dark outside and past baby bed time before we remembered, so we will have to try to get all the kiddos together another time instead.
You may have noticed that we haven’t posted any pictures of Leila lately. The cable that goes from our camera to our computer broke, and until we find the time and money to get a card reader…The pictures are staying on the camera 😦 but I will just tell you that I got a great shot of Leila smiling today.
Cory and I decided that we had spent too many Sunday’s skipping church, so we made the trip today, and Leila wasn’t thrilled about it. She has this funny little habit…She really likes to talk and make noise, and when she is really tired, she starts talking up a storm. Cory and I think she is trying to keep herself awake. Well this morning she started fussing in church, so I took her downstairs and fed her. We were on our way back upstairs to the service and she started chatting away. It was so loud, I took her back downstairs and Cory heard us and came down to help me quiet her down. Who knows when we will be going to church again, it is so hard to try to keep her quiet when we love to hear her little voice so much. She is an absolute joy, even when she interrupts church.
Well, it is Sunday afternoon and Cory is mowing the yard, and Leila is taking a nap on a blanket on the floor. She looks so cute and peaceful. All I can think about is how tomorrow is Monday and back to work again…I think I am going to go watch my baby sleep and try to get as much of her in as I can before the work week begins again.

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