>Farmer Brown Eyes

>Watch out, if you get very close to Leila these days, she will try to rip your nose off. It is very sweet how she will reach out for your face, until she gets a hold of it, and then watch out, that baby has a grip!
Leila has a sleeper that G-Ma bought for her that has a barn and some farm animals on it, so on the days when that sleeper gets broken out, we like to call her Farmer brown eyes, clever I know.

Well, in the slightly Leila related, but more Mommy centric news, I am working on getting myself together to advertise my birth announcements. Who knows if there will even be any interest, but I figure the costs involved are very minimal, and it will give me the opportunity to do something that actually interests me for once!
My friend Jennifer is a vendor at the local farmers market and she sells lots of great items for babies and small children, so she is going to set out a couple of my examples and some business cards for me. I am feeling really excited and nervous about this, and I am hoping that I am not getting in over my head, or wasting my time, but I figured it was worth a try. I haven’t come up with a name yet for my company either…Brilliant ideas being taken from now until Close of Business on Aug. 30th. 🙂

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