>I know I know

>it has been forever since I posted. Time just gets away from me and I like to take the time to write something of substance and I just haven’t had it in me lately. Here are some pictures and updates on Leila.

Aunt Dani came to stay with us for a weekend and Leila decided that she needs an ipod. I think she will have to wait a few years for that, but she sure enjoying Dani’s!

So it has been snowing like no other this year. I HATE winter and Leila does too, proven by the tortured look on her face when I took her out to inspect the snow. Yeah, I know I look stupid, big surprise.

She doesn’t mind looking at it from inside though…

She has also decided that she likes the baby stroller as a nice portable Leila chair 🙂

Her buddy Bryce was over to play and Leila and Bryce shared some carrots and a chair, they are just the cutest ever!!!

One of Leila’s favorite things to do is dance. She knows all of the actions to “The wheels on the Bus” and she loves to show them off! Her favorite song is Low by Flo Rida. She goes NUTS when it comes on and she sings “low low low.” I took some video of her dancing to it tonight, but I haven’t uploaded it yet.
Cory has been coming to the rec center with me some of the time when I go to run and lastnight we took Leila out of her stroller after running on the track and she could hear the music from the aerobics room. She started dancing in the hallway and wouldn’t let us leave until she could dance to the whole song. In the car she sits in her car seat and she says “Daddy Dance!” “Mommy Dance!” “Leila Dance!” She just gets more fun all the time.

Here is a picture of her dancing to “Low” with her daddy. Cory made me promise not to get his dance moves in the picture:

Leila reading with her daddy. If she isn’t playing with her letters, blocks or dancing…we are reading books!
Leila can identify all of the letters of the alphabet and she can count to 10…yeah that’s right, she is a genius 😉

And one last shot of my little beauty….

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  1. >OOOOHHH! Leila has grown so much. We miss her. Of course she is a genius – knowing letters and counting; and it is brilliant to make good use of the stroller for her own portable chair. I think the picture of Daddy and Leila is another photo contest winner – it’s wonderful. Any word from Smithsonian?Love you all, Grandma Karen

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