>I always hesitate to write here until I feel like I have something to say…and I am not really feeling it this evening, but I have a bunch of pictures in my photobucket just begging to be posted.
So, on the way home from daycare we sometimes have snacks in the car to get Leila by. She loves these HyVee brand fruit snacks with curious george on them. She calls them “Monkey Snaps.” So on the way home the other day she asked for monkey snaps so I opened up the package for her and handed them over my shoulder to her in the back seat. She promptly ate them all up long before we made it home. So she says, “One more monkey snap?” and she holds up her one finger. It was the CUTEST. I had to tell her no, and she responded “One more monkey snap, peas! One more? Two? Two?” Wow is it hard to say no to that kid!

Look at that face? Could you say no to this?

Leila loves to give her cousin hugs and kisses

Ok, disclaimer…please don’t take note of the big fat momma doing pilates, but rather focus on how freakin cute it is that Leila tries to exercise with mommy.

This was our project two weekends ago, replacing the kid destroyed carpet with easy to take care of laminate floors. I am very happy.


Leila was a big help, as you can imagine.


And she seems to be happy with the new rug!

Zoey hates it, but I can’t feel too badly for her.

Here is Leila and Daddy snoozing on the new rug

Now look at my sister. Can you believe she has a whole month left to go?

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  1. >Leila is too cute! I love all the pictures….you look great, by the way! You are really going to have baby fever once your sister has her baby!

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