>Leila’s Birthday Buddy

>Sawyer Patrick Smith was born this afternoon around 4:15. On his big cousin Leila’s 2nd Birthday. He is a beautiful little boy, I just couldn’t get over how sweet his little features are! I didn’t get any great pictures of him, my flash was just too bright, but I did get a few.
Leila loves “baby Sawyer” and when he cried she wanted to give him a blanket and make him all better. She was really excited to see him and she did great following the gentle rules.
Here is our new little family member!

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2 Responses to >Leila’s Birthday Buddy

  1. >Love your blog…thanks for the comments on ours! 🙂 Pass along our congrats to Steve and Andrea on Sawyer…he is beautiful

  2. >Happy Birthday to Sawyer too!! Congrats on becoming an aunt….

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