>Hello out there!

>I haven’t been the best about posting lately, but I have been meaning to log in and put up some pictures lately, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet!
Things are going really well in the Coobs’ household. Leila is currently entertaining the idea of potty training. She loves to wear her underwear, but we haven’t been brave enough to venture out of the house without a diaper. She had her first accident today so I am sure we aren’t going to be taking that step for awhile! I am not excited to be done with diapers…I am nervous for the days of having to find a bathroom at the drop of a hat and for now, diapers are easy, I just don’t want to ignore it if she is ready and miss our opportunity to do this painlessly.
Today Cory and I ran/walked in a 5K race for the Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City. We didn’t actually have a clock to see what our time was, but I was pretty ok with the results. I didn’t run as much as I hoped to of it, but I feel good for going out there and giving it a try. I feel like I accomplished something, even if I didn’t run the whole thing. Can I just say that I love my husband so much? Cory is a naturally thin guy who can, and does, eat whatever he wants to. He doesn’t work out, basically because he doesn’t really have time these days, but he still signed up for this thing and walk/ran right along with me. Having a supportive spouse is such a wonderful thing! Now if I could only get him to eat more healthy foods and lay off of the fat, we would both be healthier and maybe I could lose some weight!!!
My mom and dad watched Leila while we ran our race and after we were done we met up with them at Andrea and Steve’s house.
Andrea is doing really good. She is a natural mommy, but I could have told you that a long time ago!!!!
Sawyer has already surpassed his birth weight and is nursing like a champ. I don’t have any new pictures of the Smith family but I am sure you will see Sawyer’s face on this blog again! 🙂

Leila and I Planted some flowers this week while Daddy was out with some friends. It went about as well as you can imagine planting flowers with a 2 year old would go. She wanted to have her own garden shovel, and Daddy happened to have left his grill tools on the deck, so…she improvised.

Here are some other shots of our project…

And one last one of Leila and I taken by Daddy

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