>Picture Time! Like I mentioned, we had a wonderful time hanging out with family and we even made a trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo. Here are some photos from the events!

She doesn’t look interested, but she did come around and pet Spud. How cute does Kenna look up on that horse?!?!

Grandpa has a bottle calf so Leila got to see him eating up close. She wouldn’t touch him but she was sure interested in seeing him!

Leila got to hold Sawyer for the first time…with Mommy’s help of course!

Look mom, there’s a Monkey!

Playing on the metal gorilla’s with Dani and Lexie

Super creepy albino crocodile, way too close for comfort

We got lucky and saw some really active animals during our trip to the zoo. This polar bear was swimming and playing with his ball, bouncing it against the rocks and catching it…very cool!

Leila demonstrating her favorite animal that we saw at the zoo

Leila and Daddy trying out Uncle Kim’s new toy

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