>A few updated flood pictures

>The Flooding is still going full force!

This is a shot looking up 5th Street in Coralville. Leila’s daycare is on the right, though you can’t see it here. The daycare owner was quoted in the paper today saying that they have water up to the door and the sewer is backing up in the downstairs. They don’t think they can afford to stay open. I will be really sad for Leila if we have to find a new school, and it is looking like that will likely happen 😦

This is the HyVee right next to Andrea’s classroom. She hasn’t seen her building specifically, but she is expecting that she has lost all of her teaching materials.

These are businesses on the Coralville Strip

This Bridge is closed, but it gives you an idea of how high the water is…

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1 Response to >A few updated flood pictures

  1. Andrea says:

    >I watched the aerial footage of Iowa City on KCRG.com. When John Campbell points out the S. Gilbert area you can see my building sitting the water with no sandbags in sight. I hate to think how high the water is now.

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