>If you haven’t heard, things are bad here in the Iowa City area. Thankfully the Coobs family is safe and dry in North Liberty. We aren’t completely unaffected. Cory and I have coworkers who are in danger of losing their homes. Leila’s daycare was told that they should not be in danger of flooding reaching the building, though with the saturated grounds the basement is likely to get water. As it stands now, the roads that we take to get Leila to daycare are closed, and though tomorrow is Grandma day, we aren’t sure that there is a route available to get Grandma to us.
Cory went out and helped to make sandbag levys in the areas nearest the river in Iowa City and tonight is out again helping to secure the Iowa City water sources. I want to be able to do my part to help too, and I feel very helpless sitting at home, but someone has to watch Leila, and I can’t say I don’t appreciate that cushie job. Especially since it is currently pitch black and pouring down rain. 😦
Considering the flooding that we will be dealing with over the coming weeks and sharing in the tragedy with the rest of the state, first with the tornadoes in Parkersburg and now the loss of those poor boy scouts in western Iowa, I am counting my blessings and praying a lot.
I haven’t been out taking pictures myself, I have pretty much avoided the water but there is a flickr group where Iowa City residents are sharing their flood pictures and I am posting some of them here. Please keep the people of Iowa in your thoughts as so may have been touched by tragedy during this year.
The water in Iowa City is high, but it is no where close to where it will be by the time the river crests. They were saying Monday it would crest, but that was before the rains that we have gotten today. This flooding is blowing away the records set by the floods of 3 and relief is getting further and further from site. I will post more pictures as I see them coming up on flickr. If you are interested in seeing move coverage, the Iowa City Press Citizen has coverage updating throughout the day. http://www.press-citizen.com

Tons of volunteers have been working for days to try to save as much of Iowa City as possible. These volunteers at the University Student Union created and 8 foot levy!

Part of the University community under water. You can see the sandbag Levy, though with the water levels expected, who knows if it it will do any good

This is the laser center, right next door to the Iowa Memorial Union…the heart of the UI Campus.

This is the river with Hancher in the background. Cory proposed to be on the river walk there that you can’t see now, as it is under water.

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  1. sandi says:

    >Thanks for the pix, Tricia. It’s ALL so horrible for so many!! We helped with cleanup at the mealsite most of the day today, and that’s very minor in the whole scheme of things. But even in that, you realize how much more horrible it is for the people who lost homes, businesses, EVERYTHING. And the absolute fatigue, physically, mentally and emotionally for all involved. Sandi.

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