>I have been pretty uninspired lately, which would explain the lack of updates, but the harassment of my family convinced me it was time to add a little something to the blog. There was a time a while back that I was planning to post a really cool video of Leila using her head to pop the bubbles in a giant sheet of bubble wrap, but it was taking FOREVER to upload so I abandoned that post. Sorry all, I wish I could share…it was pretty funny. Rest assured we have it saved on the computer so when she gets older we can remind her that even though she was a smart 2 year old, even she wasn’t above the occasional stupid human trick.
So, I can’t even begin to recount all of the fun details of the last part of our summer, so I will try to hit some of the more memorable moments. We have spent a lot of time out on the boat with Grandma and Grandpa. Leila is quite the fish, she can’t get enough of the tube! We even got to take out our friends Matt and Cindy and Bryce for some boating fun. Bryce liked the tube as much as Leila does. Cory also took Leila to the Hawkeye’s open practice at Kinnick. It was kind of a trial run in case we end up with an extra ticket for any games and want to chance bringing her along. It didn’t go as well as Cory could have hoped for, but I have to say that I REALLY enjoyed the couple of house I had to myself at home. I don’t think that has happened since Leila was born. I get plenty of time to myself to do stuff, I just rarely get to be at home by myself. I enjoyed the quiet, but I was also happy to see my family when they got back. Leila got a new Hawkeye shirt in preparations for tailgating. This last weekend Leila and I went to the Farmer’s Market in Iowa City for kids day and Leila got to sit in a firetruck and “drive.” She thought that was pretty cool. We also took a trip to the swimming pool. I am very slowly trying to prepare myself for the end of summer, and I wanted to be sure we got at least one more swimming trip in before it was too late. I don’t mind fall, I just hate that it means that winter is on the way. Ick. To help get us psyched up I am looking for an orchard in the area that we can visit…if you have any suggestions, let me know!
Last Friday night we came home from work to a pleasant surprise…our neighborhood park finally got our play equipment installed!!! Of course we had to go check it out almost immediately and Leila loved it. I think having all of the bigger kids around must have inspired her bravery because she went down the tallest slides all by herself, when normally we have to coax her to even try out the little ones!
The other big thing for Leila is that she has moved up to the yellow group at daycare! She graduated up to the next room, where they eat lunch with the preschool kids, use the potty chair and follow more of a structured curriculum
. I am excited for her, I think the challenge will be good. She was starting to get pretty rambunctious with the other kids in her room, and was known for pushing them around a little since she was one of the oldest kids.
Today was her first day in yellow group and when we picked her today her teacher told us that Leila is a very smart little girl! Apparently they went over the letters of the alphabet and the teachers were surprised that she already knows all of her letters. 🙂 She is a very smart little girl, I can’t argue with them there!
So, basically the summer has been spent driving all over to see family, attend reunions. We have played very hard with our friends Lilly and Bryce and Eli and watching baby Sawyer grow.
I am too tired or lazy, one or the other, to find and upload pictures, so you will have to continue to wait to see photo evidence that we are in fact still out here. Now I think it is time for a nap!

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  1. Laura says:

    >Sounds like you have had a much busier summer than I have. I am looking forward to fall and *gasp* winter.The propane guy was out and filled our tanks last week and I got all excited because I know winter is just around the corner. I can’t wait to get Mason out to play in the snow.Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!!

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