>A few cute Leila things…

>while I am thinking of it 🙂

So, Leila’s books are all in her room (well, in theory anyway) and the other day I was reading to her and she wanted another book so I told her to go get one from her room. She grabbed my face and said, “I’ll be right back, no no cryin’!” So cute, I assume that the daycare teachers say that to her? I don’t know but I thought it was pretty funny.

The other day her daycare teacher asked me if Leila had been around little babies lately. I told her that yes, she has a baby cousin and Joy said, “ok, that makes sense. Today Leila took a baby doll and shoved it under her shirt. I asked her what she was doing and she told me that she was feeding the baby some milk.” I have to say, as a mother who nursed and am very proud to have done so, that made me very happy to hear 🙂 Now if only she would do it at home so I could get it on camera!

And one last nugget…we went out to eat a week or so ago with Cory’s parents and his sister Donna and Donna’s husband Chuck. After Leila had finished was really impatient waiting on everyone else so Donna and Chuck asked to take her to Build a bear, which is right down the mall hallway from where we were eating. Cory and I told them that if they wanted to they could, though I have to say I felt bad sending them into that adorable money trap! Anyway, we met them in the mall hallway and Leila had such an adorably sweet look of joy on her face as she walked towards us carrying her little bear house. She took it out so she could show us, this bear is so funny…i have to post a picture when I get around to taking one. She is white bear with tufts of pink fur and a pink nose. She is wearing hello kitty underwear, complete with a tail hole, a red and black pirate sweat suit, sparkly red shoes (think wizard of oz) and she carries a shiny pink purse with jewels on it. They let her pick whatever she wanted! And can you ever tell!!!! It is so cute though, I am really glad that they let her pick stuff out. I told Cory that if I had been the one to take her, I would probably let her choose from two or three outfits that I liked, I know..stifling, go ahead and call me Kate Gosselin. I love this bear, so funny, so Leila!

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2 Responses to >A few cute Leila things…

  1. >TOO cute! She is growing up, mom! I can’t wait to see pics of that bear. I’m sure it is adorable in its own way. 🙂 Btw, I use to nurse my babies too. My mom said I even pumped….lol. Hey, it’s natural!!

  2. Andrea says:

    >You think it might be time for an update!?

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