>Snow is falling all around!

>Leila and our first real Christmas tree coming home from the lot!

Since Cory and I didn’t really know what we were doing setting up the stand and getting the tree all set up, so Leila took the lead.

I think she did a good job, it turned out great!

These are from Leila’s concert, the one of her class is really dark and hard to see, but there wasn’t much to see anyway. Leila covered her face with her hands…when that didn’t make the crowd disappear, she pulled her dress up over her face. The teacher wouldn’t have that though and pulled her dress back down. So she resorted to crying. We really didn’t know what to expect, but as I told Cory, she is my daughter so I can’t be too surprised by this… My dad later reinforced my comment by telling Cory that Leila comes from a long line of hiders.

Mommy and Leila in front of our Christmas tree. This was after Leila’s daycare program.

Grandma Lori and Leila decorated cookies together on Grandma day. Leila is a big fan of frosting.

Leila and I made presents for her daycare teachers. Leila’s job was to fill the pillows with the rice/beans/lavender mixture. While she was loading up her spoon Cory took a picture and told her to look at Daddy. You can see she had a hard time multitasking 🙂

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  1. Andrea says:

    >I love this post! So many great pictures I couldn’t possibly find a favorite. It looks like your education in patience is coming along very nicely. 🙂

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