>The post where all I do is complain.

>I think that if you looked really closely, you would see steam coming out of my ears. I had some pretty big goals for today, and as I look around my house I am realizing how impossible it will be to accomplish what I was hoping for.
Two months remain before we add another person to our household and I don’t have a clue where to put this person or any of the gazillion things that will no doubt come along with him/her.
Today I thought I would get my room cleaned and organized and my great room back in order after the holidays, and I am finding myself feeling totally overwhelmed. If you aren’t familiar with my house, we have a great room and two bedrooms on the main level and family room and 3rd bedroom on the lower level.
Baby number two really has no place, he/she will be sleeping in our room, and the gear will be going into Leila’s room. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry. There is no room left in the inn. My great room is really a toy room. There are toys everywhere. Leila’s room…again, toys everywhere. Her closet and dress are stuffed with books/toys/clothes. No room for baby.
I am having a bad day, there isn’t any doubt about that as I try to lug my fat pregnant self around and make sense of this cluttered mess, I am feeling totally out of control of my world. I can’t even begin to think about labor, delivery, the fact my breech baby won’t turn, or trying to recover and take care of a difficult toddler. I think the walls are closing in, maybe that is why it looks like the toys are taking over.

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