>You might be surprised to hear this, but we actually did celebrate Christmas at our house. Yep. We even took some pictures. I might even post some someday.

So I was taking a quick look at my blog history and I realized that January is a notoriously low blogging month for me. There is a pretty good reason for that. If I spent as much time blogging in January as I do in the warmer months, no one would ever read it because all I would do is complain about the nasty weather and my hatred for old man winter.

I was looking through some old pictures on Facebook the other day and totally jonesing for a summer boating trip to Missouri (Which we are booked for again this summer, August 1st-8th, YEAH!) and I had a thought I wanted to blog about. I didn’t actually get around to it, but the gist of it is that time goes by too quickly. One day you are looking at a newborn squishy faced baby girl who is only interested in eating, sleeping, and crying and then the next you are sitting next to a little girl on the couch when she tells you, “Actually Mommy, I would like macaroni and cheese, ok?”

Remember back when Leila was a fat faced little toddler with boy hair? yeah, me too and it makes me a little misty eyed to think about it today.
As this nasty cold front comes over us I am trying to remind myself that two months from now when I am holding my new little squishy baby this cold disgusting day will be nothing but a distant memory of what life used to be like.

Stay warm!

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