>This is the post I should read when I think I want a 3rd.

>So here we are in week two of the life of baby Thea. I remember when I first started this blog I did it with the intention of keeping track of Leila, kind of an online baby book if you will. It quickly morphed, and I haven’t done the best job of keeping track of the baby/toddler milestones. I didn’t start this blog until Leila was about 11 weeks old I believe and right now I am really wishing I had started it at birth so I could look back at how we dealt with these newborn behaviors that have Cory and I both perplexed and exhausted.

The first two days of Thea’s life she refused to be put down when sleeping. If I ever wanted her awake for any reason, the best way to achieve that was to put her right in her bed, instantly awake! I believe it was night three when we really thought we had turned the corner. Cory came up with a master swaddling plan that managed to earn us 4 straight hours of sleep! Of course I woke up in absolute misery from my first 4 hour stretch of not nursing, but it was totally worth it.
So of course we bragged that we had figured it out, no more sleepless nights. Sure, I am looking down the road of probably AT LEAST 6 months of never sleeping for more than 4 hours at a time, but right now, that sounds like heaven.

The last few nights haven’t gone so well. Very little sleeping has been done by our little Thea. But Leila on the other hand has been sleeping just fine and hasn’t skipped a beat on waking up Mommy and Daddy around 7:00 in the morning. The last time we did this, we didn’t have to set an alarm, at least not for the first few weeks.

So, there you have the story on the sleep situation in the Coobs’ house. Aside from that, Leila has been watching way too much TV, getting not nearly enough undivided attention and far more than her share of frustrated shouting. I suck.

Even our dog is working on an escape route. She has been digging a hole under the gate to our fenced in yard during far too frequent banishments to the outdoors.

Though I feel like I am recovering very nicely from the actual birth, I am still having a lot of soreness in my hips, pelvis and back. I will hope that this is because the ass widening that I received during pregnancy is in the process of reversing itself. *fingers crossed*

Back to the subject of nursing. Nursing is very important to me. I nursed Leila until she was thirteen months old. She never tasted a drop a formula. It was definately the best, most healthy thing I have ever done for my child who now lives on happy meals and baked beans. I will do the same for Thea if it kills me. Now, keeping this in mind…I really want to quit. My boobs hurt so bad and are so full, and every time she latches on it feels like razor blades are being shoved into my nipples. I really really want to quit. I need to remember this when I feel the urge to question another mother’s decision not to breastfeed, which I admit I have done in the past. If I, who am bound and determined to stick with this, really want to quit this badly how could I possibly blame someone else for quitting when it may not feel as important to them. Very important note to self.

My house is a total pig sty, and of course this is the time when people want to come and visit and see the new baby. I have been sitting in the same spot on my couch for a week, there is a permanent ass print. My kitchen is covered in dirty dishes. There is dust and dog hair all over my house and I have no place to hide any of the clutter, and frankly I am too tired to do anything about it but complain.

So if ever you hear me mentioning that I would like to have another one, please direct me here.

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2 Responses to >This is the post I should read when I think I want a 3rd.

  1. >Hang in there, girl. I know it’s tough and it sucks at times, but you WILL make it through. Soon this will all be just a memory and you will wonder where the time went. You ARE a great mom and your girls are SO lucky to have you!!

  2. CAS says:

    >Tricia — your blogs are so funny! As a non-mom, I can totally empathize with what you are going through…because you keep it so real. I always wondered about people who painted such a rosy picture of life with a new baby. Clearly those people were medicated and had nannies and maids! It’s gonna be OK! 🙂

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