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Which is which?

I decided to post this one second so that my ranting wouldn’t be the first thing you saw when you visited my blog! 🙂

Thea is wonderful, she is beautiful and I love her squishy cheeks. I deliver about 1,000 squishy cheek kisses each day. I love to look at her and see her sister in her face. My mom swears that Thea looks like Cory and not like Leila, but I see a lot of my first baby in Thea, and I really like it.
When I hear my sweet Leila talking I look at Thea and I picture those words coming from her mouth and I am reminded that this squishy newborn phase won’t last for long, so as much as I am tempted to wish it away in the middle of the night, I am doing my best to cherish it.
Leila has been very good with her sister so far. She likes to hold her, but only for about 3 seconds before she demands that you pick her up and take her away. She rubs her head and she gives her good night kisses. I catch her looking at Thea and whispering, “you are my baby sister,” and my heart melts. When I am feeling guilty for not interacting with Leila like I would like to, I just have to remind myself of those moments, and remember how much my sisters and brother have meant to me throughout my life, and hope that Leila doesn’t resent these difficult days, and instead will remember how nice it was to get a little sister.

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