>Same post, different day!

>Not a lot has changed around here lately. Cory and I are still working on the juggling act of having two kids, one that doesn’t sleep, and managing to get enough sleep to function.

Yesterday morning I had Thea in bed with me (naughty I know, but necessary) and Cory had gotten up when Leila the rooster started crowing at 6:00 in the morning. I had dozed off with Thea and woke up to hear Leila in the living room yelling, “Daddy! Can I watch cartoons!” No response. I waited about 10 minutes and heard nothing from the living room so I yelled for Cory, no response. Yelled again, no response. I yelled for Leila and I heard her sweet little feet running my way and then my bedroom door swung open. “Leila, is your Daddy asleep out there?” Leila responded, “No Momma, but he is just a little bit tired!” and she ran off again.

Shortly after she took off Cory came in the bedroom and confessed that he had fallen asleep on the job…twice. First when he and Leila were laying in her bed reading a book. He said he was reading and the next thing he knew he woke up and Leila wasn’t in bed anymore! He got up and came out to the living room where she was playing with her toys all by herself. The cartoon incident was the second offense. I decided it was time for Daddy to have a rest! 🙂

I am getting by, some days are better than others. I really wish that Thea would decide if she was going to sleep for us or not. From one night to the next I have no idea if I will get to sleep 5 hours in a row like last night (THANK GOD!) Or if I won’t ever get more than 2 hours at a time. Either way I am a winner and a loser. If she sleeps a lot, I wake up with a lot of pain from not nursing, if she doesn’t sleep than I am exhausted but my chest isn’t on fire.

Speaking of my chest, to add to the chaos that is every day life these days I noticed on Thursday that I was having lots of hot and cold flashes. I figured it was a result of the hormone overload, but Thursday night I was FREEZING. I could not get warm even in my bed wrapped in my down comforter. At midnight I woke up and my skin was boiling hot. I had a fever. Friday morning I called my doctor and they got me right in. Turns out I have mastitis! If you don’t know what mastitis is I will explain it the way that my dad, who knows all about mastitis from his days as a farm boy, explained it to my baby sister. “It’s what happens when you don’t get milked enough.” Nice. Basically I have a clogged milk duct that is infected. And it hurts. Mastitis causes Flu like symptoms, so I have been tired (imagine that) and achy along with my fever. I am now on day three of my antibiotic and I am feeling better. Oh the never ending joys of motherhood.

Well readers, you now know more about my breasts than you could have ever wanted to know. You are very welcome.

Leila is great, she is adjusting so well. No potty regression so far and yesterday we managed to have a day much like before Thea arrived. We took Leila to the mall for chicken nuggets from Chick Fila and a long playing session at the mall play area. She was very happy and I got to try out my nursing cover. It worked like a charm and everyone was happy!

And, just to make sure that the readers keep coming, here is a newer picture of Thea.

Thea is really loading on the chunk. Cory likes to make up a song and sing it to me in the voice of Moto Moto from Madagascar two. “She’s gettin big, She’s gettin chunky!” If you haven’t seen the movie, you should. And Cory does a really hilarious Moto Moto impression. I don’t even mind when he tells me I am hefty in his Moto Moto voice! 🙂

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  1. Andrea says:

    >”She’s gettin big, she’s gettin chunky.” I would like to hear this in person…soon! LOL!

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