>Daddy’s Birthday!

>Cory’s birthday was on Sunday, and I had a great time with Leila getting ready for the big day. Birthday’s are kind of a HUGE deal to 3 year olds, so she was notably excited about Daddy’s big day. Friday while Daddy was at work we went to the mall to buy a present for him. Leila picked out some new boxers. I took her to the store and told her she could pick out her favorites to give to Daddy, this way I knew she would be excited to pick, and Cory wouldn’t have to go around wearing some super embarrassing shirt or something that she picked out. I thought it was good thinking on my part…we picked up a couple of other things for him too, but the boxers were the highlight for Leila. I gave her my credit card and she paid for them herself. Well, I had to sign for it, but she did the swiping! And then she told me that she was just going to hold that card and I couldn’t have it. I managed to avoid a tantrum and get my card back by letting her carry the bag out of the store. Next we went to Target where I picked out my gift for Daddy, and Leila got to pick the wrapping paper. I told her to be sure to pick something that DADDY would like. She picked the pink paper with the flowers on it. When I asked her if she was sure that is what Daddy would like, she assured me that it was. Ok.

The present that I picked out for Cory was a video game. I know, you are probably thinking I am crazy to want to give my husband a time sucking disk, but the truth is, he deserves it. Cory is such a wonderful husband and father that I wish that I could give him everything that he really wanted, a new house, a blackberry, new clothes…but for now, the video game will have to do, and I know he will put it to good use when he stays up rocking our baby girl to sleep when all else fails and Momma needs her rest, because that is the kind of daddy he is.

I love you Cory and I hope you had a great day!

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