>My kitchen counter is littered with the little cellophane wrappers of too many oatmeal creme pies and dirty dishes. That is the kind of week I have had. I have a headache, it is starting to get cold and I can’t seem to shake my bad attitude. As much as I try to focus on how lucky I am, and what a wonderful life and family I have, some days I find myself wallowing in self pity over all of the things I don’t have. It is the most unbecoming way to be, and lately, it is just me. I am embarrassed to admit that when Ree from the Pioneer woman (www.thepioneerwoman.com) gave away a fancy new Kitchenaid mixer the other day. I nearly cried when I didn’t win. I don’t even have a place for a mixer so I am going to blame my poor attitude and propensity for tears on postpartum hormones. I can still do that 7 months after giving birth, right?

To make myself feel a little better, I am going to take this time, while Thea is napping and Leila is watching Dinosaur Train not to clean my kitchen, or my bathroom, but to post pictures of some of the things that I can’t afford, but want. A lot. Forgive me while I bathe myself in envy and materialism. In no particular order:

A Blackberry. Because my Internet addiction is not quenched unless I have constant web access.

Actual bedroom furniture. How pathetic is it that I am nearly 29 years old and I have never had a headboard? Oh how I covet this bedroom set…

A new down comforter. I have one of these that Cory got for me on my 21st birthday. I have a 5 year old dog who likes to sleep with us and has a urinary incontinence issue. Those things can only be dry cleaned so many times. Need I say more?

When Leila was a baby we spent like 600 dollars on a video camera that we have used like 3 times. If I could have that 600 dollars back and a cheap flip video camera, I would absolutely buy this:

Love this house that is for sale in North Liberty (though I don’t love the location). Can’t even come close to affording it, so I guess the location doesn’t matter:

I hate hate hate how crap gets stacked up on the half wall in my house. I want something like this to house all of the junk that just must be dropped right inside the door:


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  1. >I see nothing wrong with your list or the reasons why you want it… I think all of us have days like this. I know I do.

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