>Chinese food!

>If I am going to manage to blog every day for a month, you should expect some snoozers here and there…

When grocery shopping must happen after work, we tend to make a stop at Taste Of China for dinner.  The woman who works at the cash register there recognizes us, both by our order and by our faces.

Cory always gets General Tso’s Chicken, I normally get Kung Pao but not today…stomach is not up for it today.  The girls get chicken Lo Mein with no veggies…I know, totally healthy.

Tonight Leila wanted to try out chopsticks like daddy.

She did not want to hear the snap of the sticks coming apart though!

Leila’s attempt to load her sticks:
Maybe this isn’t the best way to do things…
Thea likes Chinese food too
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2 Responses to >Chinese food!

  1. >yum…making me want chinese!! RIGHT NOW! 🙂

  2. >Chinese always sounds good!! Unfortuantly Chinese is in Ames… I had to settle for our Thursday regular of Jimmy's BBQ…

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