>Another reason that I am not a fan of the Holiday season….the adjustment to “real life” again.

We came home from a weekend in Tabor planning to start off the next day on our regular routine again, instead Leila came down with the stomach flu and we spent the next 3 days at home.  Though Thea and I escaped the pukefest, I have not felt well all week. Leila is back to her regular self and is bouncing off the walls with excess energy that I can’t match or even begin to deplete. 

The house is a huge mess, I am behind at work and we have A LOT of work ahead of us to get ready to sell the house.  This weekend is painting, hopefully the fresh paint will get us off to a fresh start for 2010.  Spring can’t get here fast enough!

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  1. >I hope you get feeling better soon!!Spring is only 16 weeks give or take a week…

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