>The Baker’s Edge

>In a discussion at work today with a couple of friends, one of which is 6 months pregnant with twins, the subject of a “push present” came up.  Now, if you know me, then you know that extravagant gifts are not a part of my everyday reality, but in 2006 when there were no daycare and diaper bills, I was pleasantly surprised to receive diamond stud earrings on the day my first daughter was born.  They are beautiful and simple.  Princess cut just like my engagement ring, and I wear them every day, only taking them out for cleanings.  Leila happened to be born 2 days before my 2 year anniversary so whether I was given a “push present” or an anniversary gift is debatable, it was a bit of a two-for-one. 
Fast forward 3 years and life is a lot different in our little family.  One thing is the same though, I was having a baby.  The idea of a push present didn’t even enter my mind, I had bigger things to worry about, like busting out of the hospital, getting home to Leila and cuddling up with my new baby in my own bed!
When Cory and I pulled up to the house with our new little baby on board I opened the door knowing that my parents and sisters were there to greet us, but I was also greeted with one of my favorite smells…fresh brownies…yum.  Two important dessert eating facts about Tricia: 1. I love brownies. 2. The chewy edge pieces are my favorites. Thus introducing my “push present”:

Notice the disproportionate amount of delicious chewy edges?!
The push present has a bit of a reputation as being another scheme cooked up by diamond brokers and greedy women to introduce another pricey gift giving occasion.
The diamonds are a reminder to me of that day almost 4 years ago when we went from people who give and receive diamonds to people who prefer to receive hand drawn portraits created by a child.  The baker’s edge  on the other hand reminds me of my husband’s sweet nature, his attention to the simple things in life that bring me happiness, and his continued dedication to showing me that he loves and appreciates me and the family I began growing for us.
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