>Anyone in Iowa City can tell you that if you want to see some huge bald eagles, go hang out by the river during the winter time.  We decided that today’s 35 degree weather warranted a trip out to see what we could see. I guess we picked a bad spot to stalk the eagles though, because the only ones we saw were so far away that Leila didn’t really get much of a look at them. 

Just think how much better this will look with my new camera though? ; )

There were ducks though, and some cool water effects from the ice.
Next time we will hit a different spot, and probably leave Thea behind…even though it was 35 degrees today, it was COLD out on that bridge and Thea wasn’t interested…Leila was bummed to not see any Eagles…better luck next time!
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3 Responses to >Eagles

  1. >great sun flare on the second to last photo!! 😉 I'm so glad it's warming up a bit there.

  2. >I have a friend up by the Dsm river in Webster City and there ar tons up there also.I really like the duck photo! It seems like it should all be frozen with how cold it has been.

  3. Jana says:

    >love the bridge photo!

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