>Tonight I was rocking baby Thea in a failed attempt to get her to sleep. Over the course of her lifetime, the bedtime routine has been fairly consistent. I will nurse her, and sometimes that is enough to send her to dreamland but if not, Daddy would step in and take Thea down to his man room to rock her to sleep while he plays NCAA football on his Xbox. Now that we have the apartment and no second living room, I have had the duty of rocking baby girl to bed on occasion, while Cory keeps Leila occupied (and quiet) in her room.

If you have ever done any reading about getting babies to sleep then you know that one of the rules of thumb is to avoid eye contact with your baby when you want them to sleep. Maybe that is why I am a fairly consistent failure at rocking to sleep…I can not resist those sweet little eyes and every time I look down at her, she reaches up, touches my face and giggles in delight. Rocking baby duty, even if not successful is definitely a rewarding job.
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2 Responses to >Bedtime

  1. >At the time I didn't think it was such a good idea but my husband was adamant that we sleep train Mason. I do not regret it one bit!!

  2. Tricia says:

    >Leila was "sleep trained" in that she would go to bed awake. So far the rocking method has been a treat though, I think we both enjoy getting to cuddle Thea for some one on one time so it hasn't been a problem! 🙂

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