>2 things

>Today we drove by our house after work, like we do on most days, and our new neighbor happened to be coming home at the the same time. We had already met her husband because he is actually one of the contractors that we have been working with. This was the first time that I had ever seen the wife. I had one of those moments where you are too caught up thinking about the possibilities to really concentrate on the now, and not saying something totally stupid to this person you are making a first impression with. I don’t even remember what I said to her, I just remember that she looked very normal and very much like the kind of woman that I would choose to be friends with, which of course made me nervous. This lady is going to have to listen to me yell at my kids for as long as she lives next door.

I was picturing us walking across each other’s yards to chat, and maybe having a real live friend that lives within 20 miles of me and isn’t related. The possibilities are endless, and now that I have built up a potential friendship with a normal seeming neighbor, I can only hope I haven’t set myself up for disappointment. I really hope she likes beer and football. I really hope I didn’t come off as a total loser.

Thing 2.

This evening after dinner Cory was sitting in the recliner and he said to Leila, “get your shoes on, I want to show you something!” From where he was sitting he could see out the deck door, so I figured he must have spied an interesting animal or piece of machinery that he wanted to let Leila check out, but I wasn’t sure. Leila got her shoes on and they were out the door together. I had to know what was up so I picked up Thea and we walked out to the deck. I stood her up on the plastic patio chair so that she could just peak over the wood rail and we stood there as we watched Leila and Cory, walking hand in hand through the grass outside of our building. I gave Cory a look of confusion and he said, “We are going to see how tall the corn is.”
Cory and Leila talk in the car quite often about the things that we see on our drives. Here in Iowa, corn is a frequent site. As we have watched the corn grow all spring and summer long we have discussed how tall it has gotten and today Leila got to see up close and personal that the corn is taller than DADDY! and that is tall.
Cory reminds me from time to time when he does something out of the ordinary with the girls that you never know what they might remember, so you should do your best to consider the memories you may not even know you are making. I wonder if they made a memory tonight? Who knows, but I will enjoy remembering the view with little Thea, chocolate-y slobber running down her chin after her chocolate chip cookie dessert. She was watching her daddy with big sister on his shoulders, walking in the grass below us. Leila waved at Thea, and Thea returned the wave, on tip toes to keep her sister in sight for as long as possible. The corn just keeps on growing around here, and so do these big girls!

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2 Responses to >2 things

  1. Cory says:

    >The thistles and nettles were no match for our curiosity! We also examined a couple of ears and noted the changing color of the leaves/stalks. We're going to keep our eyes out for combines, as they surely can't be too far away.And… yeah, I've had similar thoughts/anxiety about meeting the new neighbors. There's a lot of pressure on you when you're planning to stay in a neighborhood for decades to come. I figure there's no point in putting up a facade, though. Sooner or later, they'll see the real Coobs family. Might as well not try to hide it!

  2. >I literally laughed out loud when I read you hoped they like beer and football. What good Iowan doesn't? :)I understand about the neighbor thing as well…after moving into my mom's new neighborhood and having a full on DIRECTORY of neighbors, it's a bit overwhelming that they all know me now, and are now the people my mom talks about all the time. No doubt you and your new neighbor will start a good relationship. 🙂

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