>Today is Leila’s first “extra” day of preschool. Normally (Until October anyway) the girls both spend Tuesday and Thursday at Love-A-Lot, Mondays with Grandma Lori and Wednesday and Friday with me. Now that Leila is in the State preschool program, she needs to be at school an extra half day a week and so Wednesday mornings in September are just for Thea and I. So far this morning I have already given in on my attempt to wean and we have spent a couple of hours cuddling in the recliner and reading books. Heaven on earth, nothing beats a nice long cuddle with a sweet baby. What I need is a memory machine to store this away so when I am spending my Wednesday mornings sitting at my desk at work, I can remember the way she smelled, and her squishy soft skin and that beautiful dimpled smile. *sigh*

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