>I feel like it is two steps forward and three steps back with the house. We are very happy so far, but the progress has been slow, and the latest set back was this weekend with the insulation. We upgraded the insulation in the house from the typical bats of fiberglass to a blown in insulation that adds additional R-value. When we checked the house out on Friday, we saw that the insulation upgrade wasn’t completed. So after all of the drywall was up on Sunday night, most if it had to come down on Monday to switch out the insulation. We are on track to have the house done by October 11th, and we will be working in some time to paint bedrooms next weekend. Though the painters will paint any color you want, it costs extra and we are cheap, so we are doing our “custom” colors on our own!

Pink for Thea, purple for Leila, and blue/gree for Cory and I.

Here are some pictures of the latest progress…our GREEN siding is almost done! 🙂

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