>Tops in 2010

>I realize that I still have a week and a half of memories to make during 2010, but I am feeling nostalgic so I wanted to hit on a few of my favorite moments from the past year.

2010 Started off with Cory and I and our lovely family hustling through the laundry list of house projects to complete before listing our house. We put the house up for sale by owner at the tail end of January and we moved out of the house in the middle of April

House for sale

During February my mom, sisters and I had a fun night out at the Roseanne Cash concert. I still think about that evening and what a blast it was!


I am embarrassed to realize that never blogged about the arrival of sweet Veda…likely because Thea was sick that weekend and we were distracted from the welcoming party, but definitely a top item from 2010 is Miss Veda Smith!

In May we had a fun outing with some of her closest friends. We took the kids bowling, and practically had the bowling alley to ourselves while we enjoyed each others company. Again, a total blast!


We spent a sometimes challenging, but worth the adventure, summer in a rental condo while our house was being built. I had a great time enjoying my children and making the most of our last Mommy days before I returned to full time work.

Summer 2010

We had a wonderful family vacation filled with boating, bonding and relaxation.


We went through another health scare with Cory’s heart. Always a hard battle to fight, and one that leaves me counting my blessings and appreciating my life with my loving husband.

Cory’s Episode

We finally saw the fruits of our labor, the long awaited new house finally became home! And I can’t believe I haven’t posted any final/moved in pictures…hmmm


Along with the gift of a new home, we also got a new little Howard! Mabel joined the party in October.


This year has been a blur, but when I slow down the speed and take a look the memories, I have a lot of smile inducing pictures in my head, and on this blog.

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