>New Year

>Another blogger that I read asked her audience to fill her in on what changed for them and their life in 2010. I have been thinking about this for a few days, trying to decide what had changed, not in my surroundings, because that is pretty obvious, but in my heart.

It is much harder to know the changes that can’t be seen, and it takes some reflection to come up with an honest answer. I have spent a lot of 2010 floundering. I have felt a lot of internal conflict about my life, my work, my priorities and my purpose. I don’t feel that I have gotten very far in coming to conclusions in those areas, and it has been frustrating for me, but a rewarding journey as I spend time trying to know myself better.

During the past year I have worked hard to live my values, and to find meaning in my life in the places and the times that I can control. Instead of arguing and stewing about political issues that bug me, I have volunteered in my community and given to the under served whenever possible. I have learned that living ones values is of much more importance than how one votes.

If I had to sum up my year, I certainly couldn’t tie a nice satin bow on it and call it a completed chapter. It has been a year of growth, but not of maturity. For 2011 I have a lot of hopes. For my family, I hope for good health and time spent together and not taken for granted. For myself, I hope for better physical condition, improved professional clarity, fulfilling public service and I hope to become a better photographer and blogger. Happy New Year!

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