That’s Me!

In the grocery store tonight the girls and I were hanging out in the toilet paper aisle waiting for Cory to pick out beer from the cooler.  Leila points to a toilet paper package with two happy bears playing outside and she says as she points to the likely momma bear, “That’s you Mommy, and that’s me.” Pointing out the child sized bear being tossed into the air.

She does this a lot lately.  In every scenario where she sees two or more people/animals/objects interacting happily, she immediately decides which one is her, and which one is me/daddy/Thea/how ever many more items there are that need an assigned person.  It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that Leila is nearly always the leading part.  Suspiciously enough, if ever there is a prince to go along with princess Leila, Daddy gets that part.  That generally leaves an evil queen (Mommy, no surprise there) and some kind of animal sidekick (Thea).

I wonder when I hear Leila start in with the, “Oh, that’s me, that’s me! And that can be you Mommy!” If I should read anything more into it than a girl who wants to involve herself in the story.  I guess that since I am usually the bad guy, I should hope not.

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