Father’s Day

Father’s day was spent in Elkader this year.  A sign of how much I love my husband, considering my father was in a boat in Coralville and I still agreed to go! 🙂

In all fairness though, the Howard family gets the majority of our time and attention, and this trip to Elkader was a very special one.  It started out with Uncle Eric bringing his family on a cross-country vacation from Montana.  It just happened to be the same weekend of Uncle Evan’s annual golf outing.  We thought we were going to be doing pretty good hitting 4 out of 5 Coobs kids (When you toss the locals, Cory and Donna into the mix), but imagine our surprise when Uncle Earl, a truck driver, happened to find his way to Iowa on a trip back to Montana from Ohio.

My favorite was hearing all of the stories, though they weren’t all happy and funny, some of them were…I did appreciate hearing them all.   And seeing my girls warm up to their Uncles and their cousins was also a treat. Maybe the best moment of all was this one:

Ed with all of his Children, for the very first time ever.  Yep, you read that right…the very first time that all of them were in the same place at the same time.  Crazy.  Monumental.  An all around great day.

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1 Response to Father’s Day

  1. That is AMAZING! Glad they had the opportunity to all get together.

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