All of the plants in my garden seem to be dead. They are still there, giving me a tiny bit of hope.  If I look closely though, I can see that they have lost the deep green color of plant life, and the bugs seem to be working away at what leaves they have remaining.  I think it is time to cut my gardening losses.  I lost interest long ago, but like so many things in my life, it isn’t easy for me to give up, even without the satisfaction of growth.

It truly is the summer of my discontent.


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  1. Carol says:

    Tricia — At various times in my life, I have been all gung ho about gardening and growing my own vegetables. Like you, everything seemed to die, and I quickly lost interest. I’ve thrown in the towel permanenetly. Isn’t that what farmers’ markets are for? I will only revisit my need to garden if a revolution happens, and I am forced to fortify me and my family against evil-doers by creating a family compound in Farley that is self-sustaining and off the grid. 🙂

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