Of course lots of things have happened lately, nothing eventful but the kind of moments that you hope you remember for a long time, just because the every day fun of a day spent with family is remarkable and ordinary all at the same time.  I hope I remember how much Thea enjoyed both saying, and participating in “Move It Dig It Do It” and how these days, she is constantly asking us, “Are we going to school or what?”  or “Are we going to the mall or what?”

And this morning when she told me, about Leila getting to wear a purple dress, “that’s not fair to me,” I wished I had recorded her adorable little voice, as I know that years from now the “its not fair” business won’t be nearly so cute.

Thea is changing so much all of the time, she is saying her ABC’s, nearly correctly, singing along to songs from the radio, “Back and Nello! Back and Nello!” and potty training is going well.  In fact, I cancelled my amazon mom subscription for diaper delivery.  This is huge.

For all of the changing that Thea is doing, we have anticipated it.  I remember when Leila’s vocabulary blew up and she started repeating everything she heard.  Thea is her own child, there is no doubt about that, but so far, everything is familiar enough to be comfortable.

Then there is miss loose tooth.  After a month of kindergarten, I can tell there are some major differences in her.  Some of the things that have worried me the most about kindergarten are exactly the things that I think are having a positive effect on.  She is so independent and such a big helper.  She has always been a good girl, though her listening skills have always frustrated me.  Lately, even that has improved.  I feel like she is maturing so much, and as hard as it is to see the babyness go away, I really like the more grown up Leila.

Kindergarten is still not something that I feel great about, in spite of the maturity I have seen in Leila.  I feel very disconnected from what her day is like. Though I do get small previews when Leila sets up her own school and plays teacher for her sister and cousins. We get a weekly newsletter with very little information in it about what they are working on.  Aside from that, we had curriculum night, once again an event for the whole class, scheduled for 1 hour.  Chaos.  There are now 26 children in the class, and next week is the student teacher’s last day.  I am looking forward to November when we finally have a conference with the teacher.  I am sure that if Leila was having trouble, we would hear more from the school, but I worry that because she isn’t behind academically, and she isn’t a behavior problem that she will be lost.  I want her to be challenged and engaged.  Control freak Mommy could use some reassurance here!


Ms. Coobs Teaching her students.

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  1. Jaclyn says:

    The weekly newsletter is a joke, I feel a major disconnect as well with the same fears that my academically stable, non-disruptive child will get lost in the bunch. Perhaps that is the life of a control freak mom?! I am slowly trying to convince myself that Grace can learn something positive from the chaos…I’m eagerly awaiting conferences. Good luck!

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