Random Updates

We are working on week three with no washing machine.  Yeah, our house is a year old, as is our washing machine.  It is already dead and the part is taking forever to come in.  This sucks no matter how you look at it, but throw in the current state of potty training at our house and it double sucks. The mountains of dirty laundry at our house have taken on a life of their own and I just bought everyone new socks.

Things on the health and fitness trail have been derailing.  Birthday cake, a love of pizza, a lack of adult interaction and available baby sitters for my gym escape isn’t helping.  I turned 31, which reminded me of my failure to follow through on my 365 photo journal.

Leila is loving kindergarten and having lots of fun with her friends.  I attended their first class field trip (more about that later).  Five year old kids are awesome.  Leila is reading like a child who doesn’t belong in kindergarten, but her behavior shows us that she is right where she belongs.

Thea is still working on the potty training.  She has great days and not so great days, but she is very determined to not wear diapers, so we are pushing through.

Every time we load up in the car Thea wants to play I Spy.  I really like hearing her little voice, “I spy with my little eye…” but I do not like that she tends to forget what she spied so the game never ends and she always wins.

Winter isn’t here yet but I already find myself wearing my jacket and running my space heater all of the time at work.

Sometimes I wish that I had a commute to work so I could have some time alone to listen to the radio and prepare for my day.  Maybe then I wouldn’t feel so rushed all the time.

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2 Responses to Random Updates

  1. Laura says:

    Happy late birthday! I hope your washer part comes in soon!
    I envy my husband’s commute to work… I always have… An hour alone to think, listen to the radio, plan his day or his evening… Some mornings I find myself taking the long way home just to have more time to myself because I know as soon as I get home my work day begins…

  2. I have 80 minutes a day of wonderful NPR… However, $50 minimum in gas every week isn’t worth it though.

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